Serenity Massage Therapy
What have YOU done for YOU lately?

Welcome to Serenity Massage Therapy

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit with a relaxing and healing massage. Our special massage techniques reverse the negative effects of stress, repair damaged muscle tissue and remove pain throughout your body. Serenity Massage Therapy uses a range of massage techniques that improve circulation, detoxify your body, relieve tension, improve digestion, enhance muscle tone and increase mental alertness. Our massages not only benefit the body, they benefit the mind as well. Experience mental and spiritual healing as your mind releases stress and worry and allows a renewed sense to energy and emotional well-being to enter your spirit.

Today is the day to surrender your stress, relax your mind, rejuvenate your body, replenish your soul.  Call today for an appointment!

Looking for an amazing experience. Come in for a Hot Stone Massage.  Combing hot and cold stones and massage techniques will help improve circulation and detoxify the body.

Our relaxation room allows you the opportunity before or after your massage to relax and enjoy a warm cup of herbal tea. Sit back, close your eyes and take in the soothing sounds and aromatic smells as your body release the stresses of the day!
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